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Patio Cleaning

Clean patios look so beautiful and inviting. There are many tips you will find helpful when cleaning your patio. However, your cleaning options will depend on the type of your patio. The benefit of regularly cleaning your patio is that it will be ready for use during seasons with the best weather.

Before discussing some helpful tips, you can use to keep your patio clean, let’s find out some problems that can arise.
The growth of weeds can be a bother. This happens when you abandon your patio for a few months. Regular cleaning will prevent weeds from making your patio look untidy. Moisture can also cause the growth of algae and mildew on the slab surface. Fallen leaves can also gather on your patios. Untidy patios can also provide shelter for rodents.

Cleaning your patio

The first tip you should know is this – Always plan to clean your patios on sunny days. The heat from the sun will dry the surface of patio slabs quicker. You can inspect after pressure washing to find areas that need to be cleaned again.

The second tip, when using the pressure washer, tilt the nozzle so that the jet spray hits the surface of your patio slabs at an angle. This way you will cause the water pressure to dislodge dirt and push them away from the patio. Depending on the part of your patio being cleaned, you can adjust the pressure of your washer accordingly to avoid damaging the surface of patio slabs.

The third tip; use rapid weeds killers. The fast action will eliminate weeds quickly, and the time you will have to wait for weeds to dry up will be remarkably shorter.

The fourth tip; It is also important to find and repair cracks in your patio. These cracks can provide shelter for rodents, and pests to breed. Weeds can also grow there. There are sealers for repairing cracks in patios. You can do it yourself or hire the services of an artisan.

And lastly, it is best to remove stains quickly. These stains can be from spills or rust from flower pots. Make attempts to remove them as soon as you notice the stains on your patio. Vinegar mixed with water is a good solvent for the removal of tough stains on your patio.

In conclusion, it is best to observe your patios over time even when not in use (during winter). Whenever you notice the growth of moulds, cracks, or dirt, it is time to act quickly.